We need to clear something up about pc vs console

This is a quick and simple thread because there seems to be a misconception going around about the platforms:

Just because someone is on pc it doesn’t mean they’re on keyboard and mouse inputs…most PC players use controllers.

There are even some Xbox players that use keyboard and mouse inputs, although I don’t know why…but it’s an option.

I feel like the discussion and comparison is always Getting muddled by the misconception that Xbox=Controller, PC=KBM, when it doesn’t. I constantly get messages like “hah, you just lost to a controller user”, or some kind of derision about being a cheater on a keyboard, etc. Well, I’m on controller too so I don’t know what you think is happening here.

The real discussion needs to be about the difference in the builds themselves, because it seems like the pc version of the game is less optimized, and glitchier. Also pc players don’t have a true RRR, which they say makes it harder to cheat but really it doesn’t seem to do anything, because there are still cheaters.

Either way, I just get tired of having to clarify that every discussion about the versions of the game.