We need standard Arena maps on the other canvases

Something I just noticed that’s lacking.

Since Halo 3, each Forge canvas has had a “standard” map associated with it. Foundry and Sandbox had a standard map variant, Forge World had a standard map per each main forging location, and Halo 4’s Forge canvases all had a standard map variant used in matchmaking.

We have Pegasus (and we had Orion) set on Alpine as a standard Arena map for all 4v4 modes. But we don’t have anything on the other canvases for 4v4 Arena. Glacier and Parallax just show up in Big Team (and special modes like Grifball and Infection). And of course Tidal hasn’t had a chance for anything like that yet.

I just think it’s important to include all the map locations in standard matchmaking out of principle.