We Need Space Battles 343

Ever since I played the Long Night of Solace mission on Halo Reach, I wanted Multiplayer space battles in Halo. It would be very similar to Star Wars battlefront 2’s space battles; UNSC vs. Covenant where two teams battle (Broadswords vs. Seraphs) in a 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 player lobby. Also from BF2, each team could have their own flagship, where the UNSC team has a frigate, and the Covenant team has a battlecruiser. Jut like that part of the Halo: Reach mission where you board the corvette to destroy it.

Please read this and consider it 343. I’ve been hoping Bungie or you would add this since Halo Reach and I think it would be a great new gametype for Halo 5’s Matchmaking.