We need Some Documentation!

When trying to setup a custom game I don’t know “HALF” what all the settings do. There is a crap load of settings in Halo Infinite! There are more settings than in Halo MCC!. Gemmie a break!
How about some basic settings like in Halo MCC. IMHO there a more settings in Halo Infinite than is needed! I come from a generation of people that believe that …


Personally, I don’t think there are enough settings. Some parameters from before aren’t here yet like “Starting Equipment” and randomized primary and secondary weapons.

EDIT: And there’s a description at the bottom of the screen for each parameter, but I don’t think it’s very helpful.

ya I know there is some info about some settings but it is still not explained enough to figure it out. IMHO The halo MCC settings were easy enough to figure it out!.

To Be Honest I am not all that impressed with the setup with Halo Infinite. The grafix are awesome when I run Reshade. But IMHO it seems to be a pain in the butt to setup a Custom Game!. It could take you 30 to 60 mins. to go thru all the settings for capture the flag. That is just wrong! I don’t use the stock settings for Capture The Flag Period!

A good example is the motion sensor settings. There is 8 settings for the motion sensor. Really??? It’s real simple lol. The motion sensor is eaither ON or OFF. IMHO you don’t need 8 freaking settings for the motion sensor ROFLMAO!!!

This is just some of the needless settings for setting up a Custom Game.

IMHO if 343i continues with this type of unnecessary settings for a custom games people are going to say the hell with it and not deal with it and not play the game. I am almost there. A game should not be a pain in the butt so setup.