We need server choice option: unfair otherwise

Hi there,

I really feel that we need the option to choose servers. We all by now know the problem with playing on the wrong server for your location;

-shots and melees not registering

  • lag is more prevalent
  • opponents seemingly needing less shots to kill you due to time lag
  • duels becoming unfair and biased towards those on the correct server.
  • opponents having poor aim but still being rewarded with kills and others having goiod aim not having shots recorded removing the element of skill almost entirely.
  • being booted and being punished as if we quit with harsh csr losses and bans which we didnt deserve. All for players on a different server to what you wanted against our will.

We need people to have the choice so they can olay FAIR matches if they want to. Other games have this option as well (Mario Kart 8 for instance on Wii U), and with region lock existing before, surely it woukd be somple to set up.

I myself have noticed this. I am onyx 1752 on ffa and found that when my opponents are british or europeany kd is over 1 and i win most of the time (csr gain). However when i play americans (my oponents tell me afterwards with sympathy) my kd drops to way less than 1 because of the factors above and at this level it is a critical disadvantage. The uk pros who wanted region lock gone have played, ironically, mostly at peak uk times but have noted these problems on youtube too.

The solution should be to allow us to choose if we play on different servers or keep it to our home one. I would much rather play on my home server as i would probably be much higher ranked by now, but i understand others dont mind so much. An option in the menu would cater for everyone. And also mean eu players get disconnected less and wont get bans and csr drops for it. Please 343 give us the option!

Why isn’t there a ping indicator in game either? Maybe it would over emphasize a problem?

I like this idea, that way, when I use a Warzone Legendary RP boost, I wont get put into a game that has 2 minutes left on the clock and our core is a milometer away from being destroyed, and what should have been a 6000 REQ turnout is actually a 760 REQ turnout.