We need playlists!

Aside from all the obvious server issues that will get ironed out fairly quickly. Even if everything was going smoothly this would feel incomplete.

I know that there are limited amounts of playlist s due to the servers but when they had all the playlists it wasnt enough. Each game needs multiple playlists solo. The cross game playlist idea is cool but not always. If I want to play halo 3 only for example there was only one playlist.

In halo 4 the game was so fun but the lack of different playlists made people get tired and quit playing before they finally added more.

I know it’s asking a lot but this game was supposed to be huge. This is everyone’s nostalgia trip and without a large amount of playlists people won’t be able to play this game or the respective game they want to play the way they want to play it. I think halo 3 alone had more playlists and options than this “collection” of all the games. My understanding when I bought this was all the halo games, all the maps, all the playlists and options as they were. Untouched.

Halo 3 never really had that many playlists and it was hugely successful. I’m sure they would love to add more variety to the multiplayer if the population and servers were functioning to support it.

The issue with having multiple playlists for each game is that it stretches out the community and makes it harder to find players in other playlists.

Then there should be a player count on each list so you can choose accordingly. Then the playlists that don’t see much traffic can be shut down accordingly. I am sure there are plenty enough players to fill all sorts if playlists buy if the options are too limited for to long then people will stop playing which is what happened in halo 4, they waited too long. Bungie kept things fresh with double xp weekend featuring special games and stuff.