We need penalty system for players who leave games

There needs to be some sort of time penalty for players who voluntarily leave quickplay lobbies. It happens entirely too often that at the beginning of the match players will leave and it leaves you with bot teammates who are incompetent and unreliable. I understand that there are specific game modes people are trying to queue into for challenges, but screwing over the other players on your team shouldn’t be rewarded with the ability to immediately queue into another game. A timed penalty like Apex implements would likely work well to curb these quitters.


It’s becoming very annoying at this point, i’m tired of carrying the dead team with myself or just with one player (happed in og reach)

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Technically I think they do implement a ban if you quit too many times. But yeah, it needs to be stricter. We lost like four games today because of quitters. I literally did not have a single match today where someone did not quit.

I believe it happens in ranked but not quickplay? Not certain but I want to say I have read that somewhere.

It happens in quickplay. Just like I said, it’s glitched or something if you leave before the game officially starts. But there have been people on the forums complaining about getting banned for quitting from quickplay before, lol.


Based on the occasional post from people complaining about temporary bans, I think there is such a system and it is working. I think it’s just that there are still lots of players quitting before realizing they will be penalized for it.

I feel like there has been one or two posts a day saying that the shouldn’t be banned after quitting matches (yes, they absolutely should be banned). So there is a penalty system.

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Well I stand corrected! Good!

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