We need new information about halo 4

the first trailer was great but the only thing i found out is chief is going inside something and every ones guesses are the same before the halo 4 tralier came out peope still think its iether a shield world or fourunners home word or something like that.

the trailer was amazing but it didnt hep much when the first halo reach trailer came out we all new what were was going to do on that campaign but we had no idea how it was going to end or who we were going to play as(sadly it was never 117). we just need to know the plot we havnt realy learnd anything new from that trailer except a new weapon and a new armor.

if someone has found something new please write a comment if you have never seen the traile Enjoy

im not going against halo 4 i just want to find out more about it like Characters weapons and if cortana is Rampent will she try to mess with chiefs head do we get to kill cortana anything like that at all. oh yea and the big ball there going in.

It’s still around a year and a half away. Show me a game that has divulged more than a teaser trailer when it’s still that far off. They probably don’t even have that much to show us.

Halo CEA should keep you going until the halo 4 trailers start to come out.

Halo 4 will probably come out Holiday 2012. I’m sure they won’t release anymore information about the game until Halofest.

If 343i keeps Bungie tradition,they will not say anything until 2012.

Yeah, I don’t mind the fact that Bungie likes to throw the community a tiny taste of of Halo, then not give the community any more until 6 months later. But, I’m hoping 343 is a little nicer, and gives more than just a tesser trailer, and then disapear for a few months.

Keep in mind 343i is still working on Halo Anniversary, and Halo 4 is a year and a half away. Be glad that 343i released a complete CGI trailer for Halo 4 so early, many other games released information about 5 months before game release.

PAX is around the corner, 343i already said they will release more intel then, probably about CE Anniversary, H4 or maybe even about other news on the franchise as a whole.

Relax, Halo 4 is coming out next year, your best bet is to check out Halofest near the end of August.

343 needs to breath life into Reach first.

I will be gathering all official info on my known features thread here:


Maybe you will find something you did not know of before.

I’m sure HaloFest will provide a lot of answers.

In 2012 we’ll get the info we want because now it’s a year off completion, which is quite a long time.