We NEED More Battle Rifle Start Playlists

Since the “Beta” came out November 15th, 2021 I’ve been playing the game pretty often. I’ve already gotten Onyx in the Ranked Arena playlist and that playlist specifically honestly feels pretty solid, I wish there was a bit more Team Slayer, to come up (it’s better than it was before), but overall solid.

The real problem is that currently there’s only a single playlist (with shields) to have Battle Rifle starts. I CAN’T STAND playing games where I spawn with an Assault Rifle and Pistol in this game. Typically, I love playing FFA Slayer and yet, on this game I hate it, simply because I’m basically forced to play Assault Rifle Starts and I end up spending what feels like over half the game standing by or around the Battle Rifle spawn controlling it so I can keep using it and that’s just ridiculous, I shouldn’t need to do that to keep the weapon I want. I just want this to see attention because as of right now I feel pretty unheard surrounding this topic.

Big Team Battle 12v12 on ginormous maps and even that is Assault Rifle starts, which honestly makes even less sense than 4v4. Literally the maps are 2x-3x bigger and you spawn with a bullet hose and a pea shooter. That’s completely ridiculous, it’s not like this is Halo: CE where the Magnum is the go to weapon and has practically infinite range.

The main point here is we need Battle Rifle Starts in more core playlists, Battle Rifle starts shouldn’t have to signify strictly Ranked playlists either. I’d genuinely like BRs BTB, BRs Team Slayer, BRs FFA Slayer at the minimum honestly. I don’t understand why people like Assault Rifles on huge maps, that will NEVER make sense to me. If we can just add BR playlists this wouldn’t be a problem. We do also need more maps, but that’s a whole different discussion.