We need more armor colors in MCC!

Simply, we need more primary or secondary color options, primarily Halo 3 to diversify our Spartans more and make fitting themes for our colored animated-visors!

I tried making a sprite-themed Spartan but couldn’t find the fitting shade of green or blue as I’d picture it in my head. And this could be the same case for different themes.

I’ve just realized when making armor-combos, the colors are actually pretty limited to a specific shade with 3 sub-colors. Teal, Aqua, Cyan to name as an example for Halo 3’s case.

I was either thinking for cosmetic additions to simply add more shades to specific colors in the color selection pallete or have a photoshop styled color-wheel for us as the players to choose.

This would further expand the color diversity in Spartans and much more freedom to making more sophisticated armor-combos.

I wish I could attach images to show what I’m talking about but as it stands I’ve started using the Halo Forums recently and can’t give you visual examples and ideas to further the viewer’s understanding on the subject. I greatly apologize for that.
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Eldewrito had an RBG Color picker for primary, secondary, (I don’t recall if it has tertiary colors), armor lights, and the visor colors. I know these aren’t going to happen, but it would be really cool to see these make into a Halo game some day, plus per-piece coloring.


No, we need more bugfixes, better Matchmaking balance, better map rotation, an overhaul of the ghost town called ranked, better AFK/Idle detection, less crashes and much more.

Stop with requesting new useless skins, that only makes crashing the game and causing bugs even more.


Other colors already exist in the engine, it’s hardly even close to the same as adding new skins.

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Finally! Someone who I agree with, no more cosmetics, it’s time for fixes


Thank you for your input however, it’s not that relevant to the topic.

I am interested in more content. Plus, most of the bug-fixes are fixed in the game and always come each update that’s how it goes in games. Bugs happen when new coding is added, that’s just natural!

I honestly don’t particularly get the frustration. I experience very few issues these days playing MCC. I strongly do agree on the AFK/Idle detection though.

If you want to express bug-fixing and game-concerns, make your own topic discussion or tend to another that’s talking about them respectfully so!

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Really? I’ve heard something about Eldewrito having a color-wheel. God, I really would like to change armor highlights.

It’s alittle annoying that they are blue by default when equipping any armor piece with light emitters. Customising per armor piece in colors would be awesome!

I don’t think these extra-customization options are that far-fetched to implement into MCC.

It’d be one of the best changes they made into the collection. This would benefit both 3 and Reach tremendously!

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They actually change their color subtly to match the primary color in Halo 3.


That’s not the case for a bunch of the Halo Online armors they added, they got rid of the energy shield bits the armor had in online, and staticized the lights to always be blue.


Yet more reasons to hate the Halo Online armors.

Really? They’re still the same if the change is THAT subtle then… because I can’t really tell the difference! I’m using Halo Online and Raven pieces and such if it’s what you’re talking about.

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It is relevant to the topic. The topic says “We need more armor colors in MCC!” and I strongly disagree with it, including a few reasons.

Threads and Ideas like that are the reason why 343i always focus on the wrong things and it does not make the game any better gameplay wise.

So you want to break the game more again just for some colors?

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Like I said, other colors already exist in the engines, on an RGB scaler, we just have to be able to have access to them, it’s hardly the same as the skin system they’ve implemented.

And I highly doubt fans shooting ideas in the forums is the sole reason they focus on trying to add interesting content, I think that’s more just to try and keep the community coming back while they work on the deeper aspects.


Break the game for all I care, so long there’s new content to be pumped out now that they’re bite-sized updates to the game. Yes, bring more colors, player expression is cool.

Again, it’s not relevant, this is YOUR opinion going into the territory of bug-fixing which is outside of the topic in this key discussion.

I’m frankly unaffected by most of the minor ingame bugs I run into and experience few crashes. The bugs are not as seriously bad as they were in the past and even then, it’s not often.

Things changed for the better and it’s time they released content for the player after waiting so long with no cosmetics to earn while playing.

Bold take here but nobody would put away this game with it’s bugs now compared to the disaster it was few years ago.

All they are, is just a tiny inconvenience in the playing experience and they can easily be brushed aside. I’m this adamant the game is in a really good state.

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