We need Matchmaking Preferences Back

I’m getting aggravated being paired with teammates who never communicate or have their mics in, and are generally doing way worse than me. Not being cocky, that’s just the majority of the time I play, I’m nearly always 1st place when playing with Randoms.

Also I get paired against people in Japan, Mexico, U.K. and Australia nearly every single game. I’m in the U.S. with above average internet and am sick of getting put in games with foreign hosts and everyone has a yellow-red connection.

I want to see search preferences for teamwork, communication, skill, region, etc.

Any word on if this is coming back, or even if it CAN?

I know there’s a playlist update in January but I haven’t seen anything on this…

Side not: Join in progress needs some serious work… just sayin’

I Agree with the host part, as I just quit 4 straight games because of the terrible lag. It would not be a problem if we had the search for good connection option. As for the player preference, when I play with randoms I expect nothing but garbage on my team, so it doesn’t bother me.