We need good story telling

This is sort of a general post for the halo franchise though it obviously most accurately applies toward future Halo titles, in this case Halo 4.

Basically, this is a short point, but I think a big one.

Halo needs more story telling.

I think Halo does a pretty good job at telling it’s story, but not nearly a fantastic one, especially since its actual story and details within them- the games and books- is fantastic.

Half Life 2 and Uncharted both are good examples of nearly the opposite- quite good story telling, with run of the mill surface level blah stories. However, they are told well and people start to think the story is good.

Halo 1 had good story telling, but was a bit shorter on content. Halo 2 did well in both. Halo 3 went short in the story telling, opting to shorten their cutscenes while possible. ODST and Reach I felt had better story telling but the stories themselves weren’t as good.

Now, what we need is a return to the Halo 1 mystery exploration with the Halo 2 level of detail in storytelling, particularly on the covenant side- though whatever it may be. The terminals to Halo 1 are a good example of things that Halo 4 should implement, but I think a more direct story with many more cutscenes and segments such as the very intro to Halo 2 where you walk aboard the tram, etc. and the covie cutscenes are what Halo 4 needs. Do this, and also do it in abundance.

Reach was not good story telling. Combat Evolved was good storytelling. Take notes, 343.

Would be cool if they had more real-time story-telling. It works so well in Half-Life, and Uncharted. You don’t have to take the control from the player whilst characters converse, or event takes place; and it makes for a more immersive experience. Generally, it would be nice to have the games be quite rich in narrative. Give us interesting characters, which boast a certain level of depth. Make them relatable, give them flaws, make us feel for them, hate them; make them misunderstood. Bring some of that richness from the books and apply that to the Campaign experience. If that means making a longer SP adventure to give the characters time to develop sufficiently, then that’s cool. Break the FPS Campaign mold. Halo has such a beautiful universe, let’s see it shine in the games.

I know you want the same thing, 343.