We need cross-core coatings for all items (Armors, Vehicles & Weapons)

We need Cross-Core coatings for all items including Weapons, Vehicles and Armor sets. So far we have only heard about Armor coatings being Cross-Core but they need to make it so if a player earns a coating they should be able to use it wherever or whatever item they like.

For example currently the Razer Deathly Poison Armor coating is the same for the MK-VII Armor and BR-75 Weapon. Similarly other coatings such as Halcyon Days or Scorpion Punch should be usable across Armors, Vehicles and Weapons.

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We will get cross core slowly over the next year or so.
Visors First.
Then other stuff later.

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No it should not take another year happen in next week maybe 2 most important part of this game that needs to be fixed first not no CoOp Campaign Not No Forge But Multiplayer/Customization/Matchmaking are The Most Important Section of The Game That NEEDS THE FOCUS ON IMMEDIATELY NOT SLOWLY OVER TIME BUT ASAP