We need cross-armor set customization and Primary/Secondary Colours back

The first part speaks for itself : We need to be able to customize our MKVI and Reach armor sets and mix and match the parts. This is a new Halo, so it makes no sense to restrict armor customization to specific sets.

The colour sets are really restrictive.
Can’t you just sell us Palettes and let us customize on our on?


These decisions disappoint me so much. I would gladly pour so much money into this game but I don’t want to buy the pass if I can’t use the armor I want


Title should be “I want.” Not, “We need.”

Other than that these seem like fine criticisms. The answer to all of them is; money. Which I’m fine with. It’s not particularly predatory and nothing YET has put a serious hamper on the art direction.

I agree with pallets instead of what they currently have. 343 obviously cut corners and this was one way they were able to cut corners. 343 should be fired.

I’m not against giving 343 money.
But what’s the point of me buying something that can’t match with other things I buy?

For example, does a clothing shop sell you a shirt but forbid you from wearing a hat with it?

In fact, this stands to drive players AWAY from buying cosmetics :

Believe it or not, alot of players have FAVOURITE armor sets, but when they do see something that catches their eye, like a new helmet, they will shell out the money to buy it.

But if this helmet is not compatible with their FAVOURITE armor set, will they even consider it? Do you really believe people will buy a full armor set for only a helmet they like but cannot use with their FAVOURITE?

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I agree please bring back primary/secondary colors!!!

Warframe does this to great effect. Their palettes are varied and all have a fascinating arrangement of colours. They all cost around 5 bucks each. And people love and buy them.

The cosmetic scene of all games revolve around flexibility of style, cos everyone wants to look unique.

Taking this away from us is a huge sin against fashion and cosmetics.

343 should learn from this.

I understand all of your arguments, and they’re totally valid but the answer is money. Instead of selling one helmet that can be used universally, they sell you one helmet that is compatible with one of three divisions of armor.

Personally, I don’t really care.