WE NEED Consol only matchmaking or stonger anti cheat

343 seems to be investing into the HCS halo pro scene pretty hard to help push infinite as a legit competitive game, and want that casual crowd with the F2P. But when you have this many cheaters in games its going to lose both. Even their own HCS pros upload clip after clip of people using wall hacks, auto-aim ect. And its only getting worse. Its to the point i only play a few unranked modes per day just to get some challenges in then get on something else. No point grinding out ranked with all the BS.

343 either needs an aggressive anti cheat, with kill cam clips, and easier profile viewing and in game reporting with IP bans. And if they do not want to be bothered with all that effort. Then they NEED to add the option for console only lobbies in ALL modes of play with any group size. I know console can have cheats, but the network manipulation or cronus/strikepack (which halo already has no recoil so those people dont benefit as much) that console cheaters usually use are much better to deal with than the far more aggressive cheats PC are capable of.

I play on both PC and console for diff games, pc has always been for my mmo, action adventure single player stuff, and console for shooters. And the cheating is why. But now more and more games are forcing console into the pc lobbies and its BS. Many people like myself played console to avoid that. So if its going to be forced at least make the game as anti cheat as possible or simply give the option to have console lobbies.

EDIT: the controller vs MNK debate this devolved into is another good reason for console only lobbies!


Regardless of good anti-cheat or not, controller e-sports will always be doomed to fail.

lmao. You are literally on every post crying about controller. Go cuddle up with your precious mnk and cry somewhere else. Controller e-sports will do just fine as it has been since the early 2000s. hell people didnt even take esports seriously till halo 2…ON CONTROLLER.


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The glory days of FPS on controller is over. Nobody takes controller FPS games seriously any more. Controllers are made for children that can’t handle M&K and all the buttons (and for adults that are inept).

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yet this game is a pro scene game played by the pros on controller, and you take it serious enough to be on its forums crying about controller all the time.

Also u are probably one of those PC cheaters using wall hacks and aim bots lmao. u have 75% headshot accuracy on mnk and post many times crying about AA yet u have a higher accuracy than team optics lucid lmao.

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Wish I was. Unfortunately, I can’t degrade myself to that level. I have too much self respect.

Just goes to show that this game isn’t about precision accuracy and is more about consistent body shots that can only be afforded to controller players and their hand holding levels of Aim Assist.

My friend at onyx 1700s plays on open cross play with controller. 46.8% body 59.9% headshot. you are still higher in both accuracy. Its not AA doing the work, if it was, your own controller stats wouldnt be 46% body with a .86 kd, Aim assist would be doing it all for you right? Hell your kbm body is 53%, higher than the AA stat!!

Both inputs have their place. MNK is far superior to controller in almost ALL shooters, most of which have far stronger AA than halo. So its deff not the AA or AA would make controller better in all games. Its the fact that halo was built around how a controller functions and based movement around those lower speeds, and there is 0 recoil. So the things MNK usually do better…dont matter in halo

Its funny how all these games where MNK vastly out perform controller. its seen as just fine, or told “just use MNK”. But when a single game performs better on controller. MNK users throw a fit, and want nerfs and balance. sounds like a bunch of hypocritical entitled cry babies. and im done responding to a basement dwelling MNK elitist. when thats not what my post was about


Isn’t it amazing what you can see between thousands of hours on M&K vs a couple of hours on controller? Now imagine how good I would be if I dedicated even 50 hours to controller. Crazy right?

why dedicate time? why need practice? You said Aim Assist does all the work. Needing practice implies you need to get better to be able to do the work yourself. Now you’re just contradicting yourself. Maybe its time you stop replying, youre only exposing the flaws in your arguments.

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Where did I say this? Now we can just make things up to support our arguments?

I’ll admit, there’s a skill gap on controller (albeit, a much smaller one than M&K).

Please stat shame me now. :smiley: FYI I only play using MnK. Pros use controller because it’s objectively better and more consistent. They have said it many times on stream. I’m not advocate for nerfs or buffs to either. But give each input a place to play with it’s respectiv input as a 4 stack.

talking about a players high accuracy isint really stat shaming is it? Then comparing that high accuracy against their own lower but still decent controller accuracy to prove AA isnt OP is also not shaming

And i agree it is better, But not because AA is op and auto tracks all your targets movements and does all the work and is a soft aim bot cheat lmao. its better because. halo has slow strafe speed, slower movement, hight ttk, and 0 recoil.

Mnk is good at fast movement, quick turn speed while maintaining accuracy, insta A&D strafing poke shots, better recoil control. BUT halos gamplay doesnt take advantage of any of that like most faster paced low ttk shooters do.

Does the match recording accurately portray what happened with other players in first person? I’ve researched entire tactical slayer matches because I feel like there’s no way some of these kills happen. I’ve seen head shots with the reticle no where near the heads and I need to know if that is a fault of server recording from my play or accurate to the other person’s play.

So if it holds your hand and is for children or inept adults, Why need to practice. You already know the game, maps and if u play in onyx have game sense. i wouldnt see why u would need practice on a hand holding device that children and inept adults can use.

there is deff a skill gap on controller, just the same as there is on mnk. Controller users can go from the lowest end all the way to top tier pro level in skill. some games may hold the controller back simply based on sensitivity and max turn speeds. but the skill lvl can still be extremely high. MNK usually start off even higher than controller at base because of the added sensitivity while maintaining accuracy and can also go up to top tier pro levels.

the only real difference is that most games cater to the strength of the MNK ( especially fast low ttk twitchier shooters) But some, Like halo cater to what a controller can do

the skill gap is pretty equal, its not about the players skill or the input device. its about the game design and using the better tool for the particular job.

now this wasnt supposed to be a debate on controller vs mnk or AA it was about cheating and solutions. Anti cheat or separate lobbies as a compromise

The aiming seems a bit off in some of the recordings i seen too, latency and other things can affect it a bit making aim bots harder to spot. the main things you can for sure look for is the instant snapping to targets, and even more easily see wall hacks. Where players can track target and follow them behind walls. alot even shooting at the wall where the player would be.

First accuracy is a useless metric to determine much. Also Ddawgy stat are based on a sample size that’s to small. Need minimum 100+ to get anything useful. Average damage and deaths more useful to terminer if somone is decent. I’m aware of the advantages of each.
Strafe speed I the game is the same on each input. Not sure where you are getting at. Controller can change dead zones so it’s instant. The issue is crossplay. I’m not advocating for buff or nerfs to either but rather separate them gotta ranked with 4 stack options. Mid fight controller wins 9 /10 times in 1 vs 1. At higher ranks shouldn’t happen most of the time.
Holding the crosshair on someone for 4 consecutive shoots is way more demanding then on controller, this isnt even taking strafing Into consideration. Can even compare my average damage and KD between crossplay and MnK and there is a gap.
IMO social playlist crossplay is fine and good for que times. But in ranked they need to have input based for consistency sake.

Controller can only compete in any game because of aim assist. Take away aim assist and it’s a useless input and you might as well be using a guitar hero controller. I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to get at.

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Unfortunately Halo has always played this way and I dont see it changing. Nor can you turn off AA the the majority of the player base uses controller. If they want PC community to grow they need to give them a place to play against there own. But this is my opinion. Solo/duo not enough

I agree, you can’t turn off AA on controller because it would become a useless input. I just wanted to point out that the skill gap of controller is entirely based off developers decisions; whereas, M&K is not (sort of).

yet that accuracy stat posted about controller having on avg higher accuracy than mnk was latched onto by most all the mnk community thats saying AA is op and auto tracks targets bla bla…

but now when used to show how his MNK accuracy is on par with pros, better than most above avg players, and better than his own “hand holding Aim-assisted controller.” Then NOW accuracy is a useless metric lmao!

im not saying hes a bad player, stat wise hes pretty good. im just against his “controller takes no skill, is for children and inept adults and is not taken seriously in esports” stance he has in not just this thread but MANY MANY threads

I am AWARE strafe speed is the same on BOTH inputs. what im getting at is halo has a slower strafe speed that matches a controllers movements well. Where usually if a game is faster it takes advantage of MNKs ability to move and strafe far quicker than u can on sticks. So, that typical MNK advantage is gone. ALSO yes, u can get rid of dead zones, but are u forgetting about a thing called TRAVEL TIME. the back tracking accross the zero point left and right. Where A & D presses have zero travel time or delay!

ALSo u need to take strafe into concideration on shot consistency. because lining up shots with the movement (left stick) is a way to keep steady along with micro adjustments from the right stick (aim) Halos slower speed lends to controllers analog fluid movement very well, along with the lower sensitivity on controller. Thats why slower games with long ttk on top of 0 recoil play well on controller. Making the normal controller handicaps a non issue.

MNK will destroy controller in faster paces, lower ttk, twitchier advanced movement games no matter how strong the aim assist is. Because those games play to MNK strength and exposes contoller weeknesses

so i agree, they should be sepparate in all FPS games, the play styles and metas from each input are too different to balance.

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