We need changes sooner rather than later for the sake of the games longevity (halo infinite)

  • We need XP bonus, based on our performance

  • The store prices are making people angry and not want to buy anything (Needs to be in the 2.50 - 5 euro range)

  • We need to be able to use coatings across all cores

  • Better items in the battle pass

  • We need to be able to select the specific mode that we want to play for challenges instead of this random nonsense that I feel is purposely done to frustrate people into buying stuff like boosts instead of unlocking it from the battle pass that they already payed for. This is also making people very angry and is not what we were told months ago

  • There is NOTHING in the store worth that 15 - 20 euro price. Scam territory.

  • People need to be able to get a SET (both pieces) of shoulder armour or a helmet outside of bundles for 1 euro (I think that this would be very popular and should be experimented with to get the data that PROVES that this is a great way to get everyone buying stuff)

  • Cheaters need to be dealt with swiftly and firmly or they will drive away your customers and cross-play should be optional

Lastly I know that all the dev’s of this game that worked so hard and want the best for the game share these concerns and I appreciate them. We the Halo community want this game to thrive but the superiors that are in charge of financials need to hear our voices and make the correct decision for the community which will in turn benefit them. Thank you.