We need BOTH, crossplay and input options!

Unfortunately, I’m going to stop playing for good if they don’t have both options by Dec 4th as this is getting extremely frustrating. Idk why 343 is taking a step back and forcing console players to play vs PC. I guess I’ll be going back to the Master Chief Collection where I get the option to choose platform and input.


If u played ranked u can change the input to controller only

Only if you are in a party of one or two.

But let’s theoretically assume that we can do it with a party up to 4.

If that is the case you still have the platform (PC) problem.

  1. Hackers
  2. PC players can play at 240 and now days up 300 FPS (and way more feasible in upcoming years) and console players are cap at 120 FPS (and it will stay at 120 until a new gen).

Is that fair in competitive/ranked games?? I don’t think so - you are giving one platform the possibility to outperform the other.

That’s why we need both options.


The Solo / Duo gamepad option exists and that will be the most played option in HALO. As happened in Gears 4 and Gears 5, 95% of its players will be Xbox and only 5% console.

So don’t worry, besides that 5% of PC gamers, not all of them are hardcore, there is a lot of casual as well. You xboxers have “Panic” on all the pc-gamers they think they are freaks who are playing 20 hours a day, with 360HZ monitors and pcs running halo at 400 FPS nah.

I can ensure you we casuals with MnK are out in the wild as well :smiley: and most of us are still bound to 1080p and 60Hz screens.
Besides: SBMM will ensure you end up with players on your same level :slight_smile:

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You are missing the point. Tell me a good reason why we shouldn’t have both crossplay and input options if that’s what most halo fans want?

MCC had the option to toggle cross-play, it’s frustrating that Infinite doesn’t offer the option, it’s really weird seeing how many convenient features they added to the MCC over the past couple of years only for Infinite to launch with so few options to toggle.

Yeah I totally agree. I really really want to think that not being to disable crossplay and having a party of only one or two to be able to change inputs is just part of the beta and not the final game.

The problem is that the “spoiled children who come from CoD / Battlefield” want an aim-bot and not an aim-assist to “according” to be able to face the PC players

In terms of aim-assist power after “watching multiple videos and listening to many pros like shroud / dr disrespect”

CoD-Warzone / Vanguard is at 90%
BFV / 2042 is at 80%
Apex 75%
Overwatch 50%
Halo infinite 35% -40%

It is impossible to have a 100% Fair cross-play using kb / mouse vs controller

Players with KB / MOUSE they “TRAIN their own skills” without help of any kind and with years of practice they reach 65% -70% accuracy.

Players with gamepad using aim-assist with 75% + power are not their “real skills” it is an illusion, the moment they lower their aim-assist to 30% -40% power they realize their true level so poor .

Sorry but what you are asking for is an aim-assist with 90% accuracy to be able to face kb / mouse players which after 10k hours of training reach 70% on their own merits is not “fair”.

In crossplay fair

A) Series-S, SERIES-X and PC at 1080p / 120 FPS capped with aim-assist at 35% kb/mouse & gamepad alllowed

B) One FAT, One X, Series-S, Series-X, PC gamepad only 1080p / 60 FPS capped with aim-assist at 35%.

Lmao!!! do you know how to read? Please point out where I talked about aim assist?

Well there is only one reason which is important, especially when it comes to competitive play: FAIRNESS!
If match making works the way it should, you will always be matched up with players on your skill level, that have a similar accuracy, TTK and critical hit rate. There will never be one-sided rounds with players steam rolling another team anymore regarding skills. The only important factor then will be tactics, map and mode knowledge.

Sure, this turns the games in to sweaty experiences, since everyone eithers knows and plays as much as you do or doesnt, but then the beginners can faces players on their level till they advance to the next, let’s call it “skill league”.

And it absolutely doesn’t matter which level of aim assist is being used. The above mentioned key figures describe your skill level and the people you are able to be matched up against.
This also makes your “fear” of hackers obsolete, because they use to be far better than all of us together regarding those “skills” and will only face other players on their skill level.

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I wish it worked that way!!

It will, just a matter of data analysis at the other end. Basically 343 has just to process the data during matches in this regard while players are gaming, and evaluate it at the end of round. Because all above mentioned is part of the game logic in any online shooter, not just first person. The next step is bringing it into a context, et voila, SBMM with data science you’re done.

Except literally every streamer and every person I asked isn’t getting over 170-180 fps, myself included, in part because the game is badly optimized, you are overestimating PC benefits. If you think you are losing fights in infinite to pc players because they have a little more fps than you, you are very mistaken

If you look on the steam hardware survey, most people have low to low-mid end PCs which can barely get 60 fps in many games which came out this year, so I could say that people playing on a series s have an unfair advantage over many pc players

About hackers, I haven’t seen any of them

I doubt this is the case, I played 32 matches of ranked after the 10 placement matches and I won 8 matches, lost 24. The system isn’t working at all from my point of view

Yes it is needed. Game will become very barren without it.

Cant post the link but look at YouTube videos regarding halo infinite hackers. They are starting to appear and this is just the beta.

This, and it needs to be more than just Solo/Duos, restricting the Input to Solo/Duos and only in Ranked is dumb and needs to change, it should’ve been day 1 for Socials as well, some of us just prefer playing on our own Platform