We Need Big Team Objective and Team Objective

Honestly you need to consolidate all these objective game types into two matchmaking selections mainly BIG TEAM OBJECTIVE and TEAM OBJECTIVE. also you need to bring back ASSUALT to the play list which is one of the most loved game types in all of Halo but for some reason you people left it out which really makes me think that your company wasn’t the right one for the job of taking over the Halo franchise. You’ve ruined the mechanics of the game, put to many one hit power weapons, made to many weapons unbalanced, made it to easy for noobs to get kills (Defeating the point of being seasoned), Put to many COD features in Halo (Which is funny since your company flat out said at a game conference that it is nothing like COD but it is COD but with shield, so what you people couldn’t come up with your own innovations so you stole from others),Put loadouts in the game which also unbalances the game ( Go back the the original Halo formula where you start with nothing more than an assault rifle, pistol,and frags), and you put way to many power ups in the game which is why Halo has been losing it’s fan base since Halo 3. This isn’t Halo anymore this is now Call of Halo. What is even worse is you still use that out dated player hosted matchmaking system instead of server hosted lobbies so people couldn’t cheat but honestly I think you want people to cheat otherwise why wouldn’t you upgrade like Gears of War did? Hell they figured it out after their second game that that kind of system can be exploited so they switched but you people even after five or six games haven’t learned a single thing. Seriously are you people slow in the head? What kills me the most is in one of your Halo Docs one of your main guys flat out said gamers don’t know what they want and that you know better. REALLY who the hell are you to tell me what I want and don’t want! I Have been playing video games longer than most of you have been sucking down oxygen and by now I have a pretty good idea of what I want in a game that I am paying for with my hard earned money. I think it’s you people who don’t know what gamers really want and it’s high time you got off your high horse and listen to the people who make your pay checks before that check becomes smaller and smaller. This is a very disappointing showing and no better than Halo Reach which was a huge disappointment as well. GET IT TOGETHER 343 OR PASS THE MANTLE TO SOMEONE WHO CAN!

I completely second this, Even though its their first real game, there needs to be huge fixes, I’m very disappointed in this current system.

I also completely agree, big team objective was my favorite game type! There also needs to be some better big team maps there is not enough room for vehicles to maneuver. I use to love driving the warthog, but now it’s so weak to small arms fire, couple that with being able to spawn with plasma pistols… suicide to even get it. I would pay to see some old maps from H2 and H3, avalanche, sandtrap, and wetwork. were amazing big team maps.