We need better maps

So it has came to my attention that 343’s “new maps” aren’t really that new, its all simply the same type of map but with just stuff re-arranged or added and not like a whole new map itself (except the new warzone, that’s new)

for example; Eden - Empire, Regret - truth, fathom - riptide and 1 or 2 more that are just redone.

Now you can judge me for not appreciating the time 343 put into the maps but back in halo 3, all maps were different from one another but with halo 5, it just felt like 343 just copy/ paste and then edit some bits into it and call it “new”. i would really perfer to see something that wasn’t so similar to one map to another.

I would really like some of the classic maps like; sandtrap, the pit, valhalla, construct. heck anything from halo 2 or 3 will be great for modes other than Big Team Slayer.

Yeah some classic remakes would be awesome !!

Go get some forge maps from folks. All the best remakes are done already

RIGHT! Lets get a poll going!

Once 343 puts in a throwback playlist no one will want to play their -Yoink- maps ever again! Lol

I thought 343 did a good job with halo 4 maps for the most part. I don’the know what hapened with Halo 5. Just probably need a bit more variety. I think a lot of that comes from not having big team maps. All of the maps are so small.

Just wait because I am sure you will get old and new maps for free in time!

With the graphics of Halo 5, it would be awesome to see all the classics come back. Guardian! The Pit! Oh man… That would be awesome… And not some Forge Remake either.

I couldn’t disagree with you more. The maps have been excellent so far.

i highly agree with valhalla. i also think that they should do this for warzone to like raid on apex 7. i want to see blood gulch in warzone, i mean it was used in halo wars why not warzone? also battle creek would be nice to have

There is a great logical issue going on. It’s OK to want more visual diversity, but claiming a map made differently is the same map is, just not thinking.

OK, don’t want a map to feel “Forged” because it uses the same assets as another. However when the maps are structurally different and lightly is very much different, there is no calling something the same.

Lockout is Blackout is Lockdown. It’s the same map no matter how many times you reskin it. Overgrowth is not Plaza because it shares a hallway.

Your issues are fine when you accept what they are. They are not “making the same map over and over.”

That you want the same maps already made in previous Halos but view them as different because they use different pieces should indicate the “issue” lays on your end.

Although i agree more originals need to be released the new maps are generally realy good. They have been specifically designed with the new abilities in mind so there are loads of sneaky/alernate routes to be found.

We need more original maps

BTB Maps Please.