We need another beta before launch

Why? Because 343 needs to test their servers, we dont want a repeat of MCC, and the only surefire way to do that is to have a stress test beta. In addition, and open beta featuring more of the casual gametypes like BTB and infection would serve to increase interest in the game amongst gamers who otherwise would not buy it. 343 has also said that they plan to increase the max player count in BTB, which means higher server stress. All the more reason to put their servers through the ringer before launch.

They did test their servers, during the beta. And they never said they were increasing the BTB player counts. Although it would be nice if they did.

They tested the game during the beta. That was not a server stress test because a) the game was not complete, and b) it was not an open beta
And they actually have confirmed larger BTB when they confirmed no invasion.

I don’t really think it’s necessary.

Didn’t they already say they had no plans to do so?
But if they decide to, why not?

Not gonna happen. It would set them back weeks. People think they can just upload the game and call it a day. And to what end? So people can feel “safer” about their purchases? Even afterwards people will still call for more. If you’re unsure about getting Halo 5: Guardians, simply wait for a demo or play at a friends house.

Making 343i come out with another beta would probably hurt Halo 5 more than it would help. Do you have any idea how much work a beta takes to make?

another beta would only push H5G back into 2016. all other balancing will come after launch. It’s not like a major FPS launches and then never gets balanced ever again.

Want? Yes
Need? No

> 2533274882881665;8:
> Want? Yes
> Need? No

I would absolutely love another one, but it’s not necessary, and even if they did to another Beta, I would almost bet my xbox that it will just be for xbox preview people, as a treat, not an actual necessity.

That being said, I’m in the xbox preview program, so… MAKE ONE PLEASE! :slight_smile:

Josh discussed this somewhere; the effort and resources it would take to prepare the network/servers and allocate power and bandwidth for a second Beta Event would be a detriment to Halo 5’s team that’s actually finishing the game. This as well as stabilizing an in-development software version for release and moderating/maintaining said event would simply cost too much from the game’s actual development.

We got our beta and it was actually a beta. We ought to be thankful they let us play with the game early enough in its life that they could make larger adjustments based on data.

Actually, a second beta that tests how the game plays without sprint and SAs for the fans who will play it with these settings on is a good idea so they know what damage ratios to tweak when these are switched off in custom games

Played the Beta and loved it despite it’s(few) flaws and 343(the Halo 5 team, not the MCC team, ppl get it right plz) are working on improvements thanks to the communitys feedback. Halo 5 is the most “Halo” Halo since Halo 3 in my opinion, it just felt right and the description on the Waypoint says it all, “The Next Evolution of Halo Combat” which is a nice reference to Halo CE, and what it stood for back in the dawn of Xbox. The game plays nice and it’s only gonna get better guys, have faith and patience, a second beta would be nice but it isn’t necsesary in my opinion, because it worked on the first try

It would be nice, but no necessary. The only reason they would do it is to show us that the servers will work as they should. There really is no need for another beta unless they change the movement, and play style significantly in Halo 5 which is highly unlikely. You have to remember that the MCC was four OLD games from OLDER software. They had to port those games to newer software which is difficult. Another beta would be a nice treat to the community, but it is not necessary.

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> Actually, a second beta that tests how the game plays without sprint and SAs for the fans who will play it with these settings on is a good idea so they know what damage ratios to tweak when these are switched off in custom games

A beta for the ppl who don’t want to play your game the way you want it played? Lolll all that work for group of players who (majorly) have already stated they won’t bother buying the game. That’s a waste of resources.

Have one or two sprint and SA free playlist ready at launch for those that won’t a throwback Thursday playlist and call it a day. Tbh

Another beta would delay their progress immensely. while it would be fun, I think they really got what they needed, and it was already amazing.

Yes, and it must feature btb (with vehicles - both human and covenant) and covenant weapons