We need an update

I have been playing Halo since the H2 days and I can say I was stunned to see the changes 343 did this time around. Simply, I’m talking about: No BR starts, lack of BRs on maps, and the reamoval of the veto system. I don’t understand why there isn’t even an option on matchmaking for a BR starting playlist. Even in its “Arena” game mode which is supposed to be like the MLG playlist in H3 yet it lacks the iconic weapon of competative halo, the BR. I understand the beefing of the pistol and trying to sell it off as a utility weapon but there’s no way it can replace the BR. And also the fact that we have no say in what maps we play on is ridiculous. Some maps are just not fun and some just feel like cop out (I’m looking at you Regret) can we please get an update to address these topics, I KNOW I’m not the the only one that feels this way. And one more topic has to be the melee system it’s inconsistent as hell.

I don’t recall a br start. Also there are usually several br scattered around each map

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> I don’t recall a br start. Also there are usually several br scattered around each map

Pop halo 3 in and jump in MLG br starts, jump in FFA br starts is and option “Slayer BRs” same with team slayer.

I agree, I can’t believe there is no map voting or BR starts.

If you’re going to force me to use a pistol (which I do love the gun, though it’s no BR) please nerf the insane range of the scrub AR. I shouldn’t need to land a near perfect at mid range against someone shooting at my pinky toe with no accuracy. The AR has never been so strong. It’s okay if it shreds up close, but not from the range it does. See CE.

It’s amazing that so many people feel this way yet they still took it out

If someone is beating you with an AR, one might argue that you have less skill than the one beating you.