We need an open medium/large Arena map

Halo 5 is seriously lacking in bigger open arena maps. It’s even the first game missing blood gulch or some variation of the map like Valhalla. This game literally does not have a single outdoors map, big or small. I really want to see a bigger map for 4v4 sniper dmr duels, and oh the joy of getting that awesome flag capture with the perfect mongoose run.

A lot of the Arena maps feel very samey, aesthetically and just play wise.

Torque was a nice change of pace with the longer sightlines, but I still think we need something like Sandtrap, Hang em High, Zanzibar, etc. (in no particular order)

Exactly my thoughts. I forged a few big arena maps that are quite large and open. Not properly tested unfortunately but I tend to build my maps kinda open and large.

Last time 343i did a map like this was Complex and yeah let’s never make a map like that again.

how about not one but 10 :’)

Agreed, while I don’t like open maps as much as smaller ones, I miss the open vehicle combat!