We need an event daily

Completed all the “event weeklies” got up to level 7 and that’s it now, 6 more days of no progress within the event, that’s a poor design imo.
Could really use an event daily challenge similar to “practice makes perfection” so some progress can still be made at least… or make normal challenges count toward it.


If they’re really going to stick with just challenge then at the least they should add another permanent challenge for winning a game, make it 100xp or something.

It wasn’t designed to be grinded out in a week. It is to be on a rotation all season one you have 6 weeks total to complete it. I personally think it’s an awful design given that the stuff in the store looks better than what’s in the event. An event that will take atleast 4 weeks to complete at that.

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Oh yeh I get that it’s a recurring event that should be completed over its course, but it just feels really underwhelming to get nothing at all once you’ve done the weeklies… just feels weird to me. Guess I just did them too quickly

Right I feel like if it was designed to take multiple weeks to finish there should have been something more as a final reward that week. Like all the stuff they left out the free event to put in the store for 15-20 bucks for not alot.

I’ve been playing the event for 4 hours and finished 3 challenges. Not everybody has time to play a lot each day. So I think a week is a good amount of time.

I think if they were going to go with this design, it would make more sense to cap the tiers at 20 each time and have 100 tiers planned out. So if it’s going to rotate in 5 times, 20 items each event run would allow us moderate time in 6 days to grind for the first set and then the next set and so on.

Maybe during rotation 1 you’re swamped with work so you only manage to get to tier 10, but during rotation 2 you’ve got some free time and you manage to get to tier 34. Then you have some free time during rotation 3 plus you’ve got boosters so you manage to actually get to tier 60.

Something like that I guess?

100 tiers!!! How dare you imply 343 should give more to players outside of the store, are you not happy with your armour core shoulders and helmet with no cololurs, kneepads or visor colours? You sound mighty entitled to me, remember its free to play so the excuses the poor progression design, itll be fixed later!!

Outside of my sarcasm they really could have made this event 100 tiers with all the yoroi armour in it, but they wanted that money money money so we are stuck with 6 rewards and 17 xp and challenge swaps

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Yeah that’s another thing, if they’re gonna put price tags on anything, can it just be the damn xp boosters? Those are what you normally think of when you think of a monetized progression tier system. We don’t need to be charging for helmets and visors and shoulder pads and knee pads and your Spartan’s nana as well lol.

Even worse, they put price tags on everything, and then make earning the “free” content a slog that takes 6 months to complete, for lackluster rewards mind you
The only reason you could unlock the yoroi armour core this event was to make sure people could buy the bundles from the store :joy:
Hope your ready to grind in January for a single shoulder pad

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