WE NEED A6HILLES 86% on helmet

WE NEED A6HILLES is recruiting if you want the Achilles helmet and people to play with request to join or send me a message if your unsure you’ll get accepted. We are 85% of the way towards the helmet. We only want people who play a lot 300+ mins a week. The better your stats the more likely you’ll get accepted.

There is a few openings in the company message me or request to join.
Guidelines: - Must be active
- New Recruits must be SR level 80 or above
- Must report absence from the game, if going to be longer than 5 days
- Immediate removal if absent for 10 days or longer without posting on forums.

We Need A6hilles

iTz Twitch v3

We are still recruiting.

I’d love to. Not sure I have the skill level you’re looking for tho. I took a little break but I’m trying to get back into it.

Monday(6/6) night there will be a few more openings.

There is currently an opening for someone who plays a lot and is willing to grind commendations.

Sent you a message.

7 openings right now! Goes to the highly active first.

Looking for members.