WE need a way to reset power seeds

Getting tired of loosing games because 2 people on the enemy team are just tossing all of them towards their base.

We need to be able to reset them to their spawn maybe shooting them with pressision weapons or something.

Surely that’s a valid tactic?

I even juggled two back to my base the other day which worked pretty well.

Well seeing as you can put 2 in a razor back and bring a full score back that way. I am saying no.

I hate the mode tbh. Why this over dominion or regicide?

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I would partially agree that if they are carried away from the spawn spot and then dropped for a while, maybe then they would respawn back if they sit there for too long. But the juggling back to base is a legit strat. Its on your team to stop people from doing that, albeit difficult in casual lobbies to coordinate

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I e even seen a person repulsor toss the entire stack

Same, can’t stand this mode nor total control which every single time i’ve played that one it has been a 15 minute stalemate until 2 or more people from one of the sides just gives up.

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My biggest gripe is people throwing seeds off the map so they are out of play. How does this add to the game experience? I understand that this is a way to claim victory but feels like less strategic.

Example: If an enemy gets on my vehicle and I drive it off the map, taking the vehicle, myself, and the enemy off the map, I receive -100 points to my score for my own death. But I removed an enemy who now needs to respawn. The cost to me is my respawn, and some points.

If a power seed is thrown off the map it should reduce a seed from the other base, or be automatically reset into the original holder. Otherwise a team could score 1 point and then constantly toss seeds out of bounds to win; where is the fun/sport in that?