We need a "State of the Game" article

(Hopefully someone at 343 sees this)
As the title says.

I know you guys dont like to be compared to Bungie but when Bungie was in some crap with D2 curse of osiris they released a “state of the game” article. You need to do the same.

The four main things that need to addressed

  • We need to know what you have planned besides Forge and Co-op campaign
  • Why its taking so long for you to make content for a “live service game”?
  • How you’re gonna fix it
  • why are you contracting people inside of hiring long term?

Vague statements will not cut it right now, especially since season 2 doesnt look so good in my opinion.

You dont need to give specific dates in this article. We just want to know if everything is alright at the studio. Just gather team leaders’ answers. Bonnie Ross and Joe Staten should close out the article.

If a day is dedicated to getting answers then you should have the article done in no time.


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Words are wind.

They kind of already did a preview of Season 2 and said we will get promo stuff for that in April.

With a May release, that’s only a month or so out from E3. If they’re going to tease DLC and maybe the Roadmap that might well be where they plan to lay out the future of the game. What would they have to talk about at E3 otherwise?

I think the rumours have covered most of what can be in the pipeline already. So there isn’t more they could say. Some Warzone/BR esque mode down the line. Forge. Co-Op. Then just Halo 5 style updates such as Infection and new maps/weapons. Plus all the bug fixes, quality of life stuff, XP progression, desync etc etc.

“* We need to know what you have planned besides Forge and Co-op campaign

  • Why its taking so long for you to make content for a “live service game”?
  • How you’re gonna fix it
  • why are you contracting people inside of hiring long term?“
  • I think they already have.
  • There’s no easy way of saying that after six years, they rushed the game to beta with less features and a ton of bugs. To play devils advocate they would say the season 2 delay is a blip due to specific issues on Co-Op and past that it’s normal CoD style 3 month releases.
  • Probably a very technical answer most people wouldn’t get. To an outsider you’ve always had Co-Op how could it be broken after six years?
  • It’s possible they think this is a crisis and once the dog work has been cleared; they can make the game operate with a smaller team of core staff. Best laid schemes and all that.

What would you want them to announce?

Firstly, I’d just like to see what’s being worked on to improve the game. Patches and stuff.

Partially out of concern, but mainly out of curiosity. Just a straight up info dump.

Remember when Halo MCC was being plagued by terrible H3 netcode? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

They released an outstanding post going in depth on the issues. I just hope this silence and uncertainty doesn’t become a recurring trend.

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I’m not too bothered about blog articles at this stage. I just want to start seeing content. The game is so stale and I just want to start seeing real changes.

Halo Infinite was suppose to be this incredible game that revived Halo back to where it was circa 2010 and so far we’ve had pretty much nothing added to the game since it released.

MS policy

Although, I don’t understand why they can’t just hire the same people over and over with the same 18 month contracts.
Unless they aren’t allowed to

Joe Staten was very clear on his intent on what the plan was after he took his throne at 343. I can only imagine the pure rage and annoyance he has to deal with at all levels there after working with a team like Bungie for decades.

I think he feels he can’t say anything anymore about the game after putting too much faith in 343 and making us empty promises.

I do like this idea. They used to do “Inside Infinite” blog posts at one point, so it isn’t like they are unable to. Honestly at this point they should just add two Forge maps to Season 2 for a total of four maps and use it as both a bolstering of content and a preview as to what to expect from Forge. They did a similar thing with Halo 5, they can do it again. This game really just needs anything at this point.

The promised road map would be awesome. They can still be vague on dates (eg. Season 2-3). But at least give us a direction.

I’m kind of hoping they are saving stuff for a bit S2 reveal… but the more they stay silent the bigger pressure they put on S2.

I wish I still had some hopium left like you. I need a resupply.


My understanding is this has to do with avoiding paying them benefits (which is kind of scummy in and of itself). Hiring them for consequtive 18 month contracts would mean they were hired for more than 18 months and thus, benefits.


At this point I’m genuinely worried about the mental state and well being of 343 because of the odd amount of silence and the PR that’s gone along with it.

Not trying to defend anything here, just wondering what Microsoft could have put these employees through in order for this result to happen (if 343 indeed has innocence left to claim).

These are not the actions of happy people, and may even be unhealthy. It seems like there’s a piano dangling dangerously over their heads but they’re doing everything they can to convince us it’s not there.

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I literally just want to know whats going on. They may have released some responses but I guess they arent what Im looking for. Im starting to think they had more people working on MCC than they led on. It also seems like they made more content at a better pace with the old engine than this one.

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I don’t really see how another blog post would help.

As to the four main things:

  • What’s planned? More seasons/events and attached mtx, some new maps and returning old modes, maybe a few new modes, maybe some new/old guns, probably another warzone style mode, etc.
  • Why’s it taking so long? Technical debt.
  • How will they fix it? Probably by spending a lot of dev time retooling instead of providing a live service.
  • Why contract people rather than hire them? Money.

Post this on Reddit then. I heard some 343 employees might actually be on r/halo.

It’s gonna bite them in the butts pretty soon, as if it hasn’t already

I completely agree, but This would require communication from 343 and there’s a blackout order on that right now.

I’m not joking. I’m being dead serious.

Communication like this would unintentionally show what a super mess 343 is internally right now, so no communication is just trying to preserve reputation.