We need a staffed support forum. (Post.)

Firstly let me say that I sincerely appreciate the seemingly herculean efforts by BS Angel and others on behalf of the community to resolve and keep us apprised of various issues pertaining to the game.

Personally, I’m more than happy with the game as-is, and I’m patient and not terribly upset by the specialization email delay (though I always oppose that business practice - limiting core content - to start with.) But a lot of people have problems that have not been addressed, or in some cases even acknowledged.

Currently the only recourse in those scenarios is to contact Xbox customer support by phone or web. More often than not, unless the problem pertains to a user’s Xbox LIVE account, they are referred to Waypoint. But therein lies the problem. Despite a few stickied topics that do cover a number of issues, there is no SUFFICIENTLY STAFFED dedicated technical support recourse for customers on Waypoint at this time.

Microsoft does not take customer support responsibility for the game (only for LIVE account and email issues,) and 343i does not (apparently) take customer support responsibility for general issues related to the game in such a way that they can be effective at communicating with the community in a timely or efficient manner. There is no readily available, accessible means of communicating problems to someone who can adequately address them.

BS Angel is doing a commendable and much appreciated job, but she’s only one person. There are 4+ million Halo 4 owners, and 400,000+ on this website. Her getting flooded on Twitter, and the litany of posts on these forums, is not an efficient or even tenable means of addressing users’ complaints, issues, and needs.

I request that the webmaster of this site and/or the admins (whoever they may be, BS Angel, or whoever else is responsible) create a dedicated technical support forum (the “Halo Waypoint” forum notwithstanding,) and staff it with community liaisons (more than one) who can elevate people’s issues to the appropriate persons at MS or 343i.
Currently the pipeline for issues being communicated and resolved (on both ends) is just way, WAY too bottle-necked to be reasonable in my opinion. It’s not fair to the community, or to BS Angel and her colleagues.

Please post your support for this premise if you agree. Thank-you.



I think an official support forum would also be a great idea!

Well there is one technically. The Waypoint forum says to discuss support issues with the community. But that’s the problem. The community on its own, and with the assistance or one or two hard working people, is not sufficient.

Halo 4 is Microsoft’s flagship game and a huge system seller. It should have world class, industry standard customer support. Not a message board bottlenecked by too many complaints and not enough people to respond.