We need a separate page for event challenges

Please, we really need a dedicated tab for event challenges so we are able to progress through the event pass more quickly. I know the events will be rerun throughout a season, but this is kinda ridiculous.

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I think the problem here is the Tenrai challenges arent in addition to weekly challenges, they are mixed in. With only being able to access 4 challenges at a time I cant gain progress on challenges relating to the Tenrai event unless I have them in a challenge slot. Which is frustrating for a week long challenge whos only objective in the event tracker is completing completing challenges. Sure you can swap non event challenges out and try to get lucky, but i just swapped out one challenge and after trying to switch a different challenge i recieved the one that I got rid of. Now i understand that if you want good stuff you have to put in the time. but i would rather put in game time in the event rather than spend time clearing out the weekly challenges too. How am i supposed to attain either of the weekly prizes if i cant double up my progress