We need a New XP Booster

As it currently stands, the XP booster doubles XP from challenges completed over the course of an hour, up from 30 minutes.

If you do not have challenge swaps, with the limited playlists, you may get a challenge that you can’t complete due to never playing the games mode or map that the challenge uses.

Simple solution? Change the timer to a set number of games. 1 hour? Now it’s 6 games. Roughly 10 minutes per game.

They did change them to 1 hour after the first xp change, it’s just the UI still says 30 mins.

Read again. I know they increased the time

With the new bump to daily challenge an exp boost actually gets you two levels in 6 games, so there’s that to consider before even addressing the weeklies. I actually like the idea of boosts being tied to a game played count vs a timer, but for a totally different reason.

A persistent countdown purely just wastes a bunch of time as it is still ticking away when out of a game. Phone call? Restroom? Stuck in menus waiting for a BTB match? Your friends on their way but “just a minute” turns to “five minutes later”? Any number of things that eat away at that clock that have nothing to do with gameplay.

This was an issue I had with CoD’s xp boosts, and its something 343i could improve upon. Easily one of those QOL improvements that assist with the frustration of FTP.


Exactly my point. No reason it has to be a timer than to waste the time given to us and push us to spending money for another booster. Tying them to games played is a much safer investment. What if the timer runs out mid game? Does that count? Who knows.