We need a new Sub-Forum

As a member of sites such as Bungie.net (The Flood) and Sep7agon, I believe something is in order.

A new sub-forum such as an OffTopic would be great for the community. It makes it so your fans can stay close to home and discuss their opinions in ways they want. Now we need rules and such.

  • No flaming in that forum TO A DEGREE. everyone needs to be criticized every once in awhile, it’s good for you.- don’t ban someone for speaking their mind about the site. Don’t ban someone for saying “This site could look different and have a better design in these ways…” they’re suggestions, people.
    I can add more later but i’m busy ATM.

There is the Off-Topic Thread in the General Discussion forum, but I agree that there should be an off-topic forum akin to the Flood on b.net. It’d work well.