We Need A Dedicated Fullscreen Option

So, I made a similar post back during the flight. The game as it stands only has a Borderless Fullscreen and a Windowed Mode. So, the reason this is important is Borderless Fullscreen is functionally just Windowed Mode with no borders; it is not a dedicated Fullscreen Mode.

Now, for players on PC like myself who have higher end GPUs it isn’t as much of an issue. However, it is still an issue and does come at a performance penalty. And, it will be more and more noticeable the closer to minimum spec your hardware is.

So the reason Borderless Window and Windowed mode have a performance penalty is they render literally everything in the background along with the game (including the desktop itself,) which is why Alt+Tabbing is smooth with this setting. Dedicated Fullscreen only renders the game itself until you switch to another application or to the desktop, which is why there is a hitch when you do this with games that run a Fullscreen mode. The penalty is a smaller one in some cases, however, again this scales unevenly with lower end hardware. And, you can sometimes have a performance hit ranging anywhere from 5-20% dependent on hardware and the game you’re playing.

A dedicated Fullscreen mode, as far as I am concerned, is a REQUIREMENT for a game “built from the ground up for PC.” There are other issues Borderless Window can cause, such as stutter and an interference with things like Freesync and Gsync as well.


Since the game offers only DX12, there is no actual way to do traditional dedicated / exclusive fullscreen. Every DX12 game, anything that uses RTX (like Control or CP2077 w/ RT enabled), is actually borderless fullscreen when DX12 is enabled.

However, they still fake exclusive fullscreen which supports basic things like Gsync Compatible functionality. This game seems to be completely broken there. It’s like they’re not using the standard DXGI Flip Model presentation, whatever they’re doing also results in extremely poor frame pacing even with a consistently solid framerate cap.

I don’t know what the solution would be, they either need to fix the current DX12 implementation so it functions properly and efficiently like most other DX12 games, or offer a DX11 option as well with actual exclusive fullscreen support (not gonna happen).