We Need a "Cooperative" Firefight Playlist

Every time I play Firefight on Matchmaking, it always ends up with everyone “competing” to kill all of the aliens before anyone else. That is NOT what firefight is supposed to be about. You are supposed to work together in firefight, but all anyone does is rush with a fuel rod gun to spam at all of the Covenant as they come out of the spaceship so they can get tons of Cr.

Why can’t we have a “cooperative” firefight. There is far too much competition in firefight. If I wanted competition, I would go play Team Slayer or one of the other competitive playlists.

Instead of how many Cr you get being decided by how many kills you get, it should be decided by how many covenant your team kills. The total score of all the players would then be divided equally and given out to everyone. That way it’s not so much about killing the aliens before someone else does as it is about killing the aliens and surviving.

I’m so sick of every firefight match being about getting all of the kills before someone else does. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a playlist where people would actually work together?

That playlist should have a limited number of lives, limited ammo, and the amount of Cr earned per kill should increase the longer your team survives. That way, there is actually a reward for surviving longer.

There should be two playlists. One that lasts an infinite amount of time until you run out of lives, and another that has a limited time. The first would be for playing with friends and actually having an objective to work to, and the second would be for playing the same way but with random people on XBoxLive that may or may not want to play for a long period of time.

Of course, AFKers will be a problem. If you get fewer than 1/10th of the kills the team earns, you should not get any Cr. If you are AFK for five minutes, the game should auto-kick you.

These playlists should not replace the current firefight, but should be added to the playlists already available.

That way people who want to play cooperatively can play cooperatively, and people that just want to spam infinite fuel rod guns to get Cr can still do so.

Have you thought about going out there and spawn-killing the enemies as they drop? I hear that’s a pretty good strategy for prolonging your survival. Just destroy the nose turret and you’ll be good.

Also, the contribution of the commendation progress is usually less than the game complete bonus anyways, even if you have a fairly good game (more than 250 kills in a set). You might get an extra 300-500 cR after your normalization scheme is applied, which is not much in the grand scheme of things.

I would love that. Even though Limited is being revived, it may not survive without it’s own playlist as players will still vote for Arcade gametypes. My hope is that Limited get’s the top slot, so that it is more common.