We need a challenge tracker in game

Simple, when you press “Start”, there should be a list of challenges you’re currently partaking in so we can see or progress in real time.

Simple Quality of Life change that makes it easier to play multiple games in a row and progress the battle pass without having to stop every games and check your progress.


That would be helpful. I always try to guess what my next challenge will be when I finish one midgame so I can get ahead of the next one.

Then the game ends and you realise the challenges you did are still locked ha.

I love this idea. Although it’d suck for all the ‘win x games of y’ though.

I still have to win slayer and total control games to finish the weeklies.

That and maybe a little popup on the side of the screen when you progress a challenge

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yeees, like in MCC.
it helps a lot to check if you achieve the challenge or need a couple more to get it.