We need a button for cycling through equipment

So, in every other PC Halo game since Gearbox CE, swapping weapons was 1 and swapping grenades was 2. In Infinite, 1 and 2 are bound to selecting equipment in campaign. Rebinding them to what they were leaves you with no comfortable way to swap equipment in campaign.
We really need an option for one button that lets us cycle through equipment like we do with weapons and grenades. Binding it to four different buttons is both wasteful and nothing like every Halo up to now.

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I wanted cycling at first too, but after playing for a bit the button combos are nice. It is still too slow to switch though, especially mid fight.

Another topic that doesn’t get enough discussion is that sprint takes up a valuable button on an already limited number for controllers. Probably should have just eliminated sprint and made it a button for the movement equipment (grapple and thrust) and then have a separate button for the deployed equipment (repulsor, drop wall, and threat). Then those buttons could just be cycled like older games. Also flashlight should have just been integrated night vision in the visor with no toggle, just adaptive, as that frees up one more button.

Even on controller I’d prefer a cycle than this cross option. Just let me flick through with a UI where I can see what I’m selecting and what’s next, like previous games and their grenades.