We need a BTB map with an aircraft focus

Just imagine it a large BTB map where you are fighting between fracture islands on the ring only a bridge in the center connecting them. Both bases have two wasp spawns and 2 banshee spawns (4 air vehicles each)

The gamepaly being rather open with AA turrets on the bases the objective being to control the bridge in the center so you can cap the flag.

Side paths being floating rocks or a cliff face with a jump caves that don’t fully link the islands having light bridges between them. Players able to turn them off and drop people into the abyss bellow.

THe only thing that this map would require other then being made is 4 new air vehicles, a medium air vehicle for boht UNSC and banished, and a Transport AIR vehicle for both.

I can write out the UNSC ones here in concept.


Info: these are 2 person vehicles a driver and a gunner, think of them like attack copters, designed for air vs grounds. Teh driver controls the flight while the gunner controsl an air to ground or an Air to air weapon suggested vehicle Vampire(banished)


class: medium air
info: a salvaged covenant vehicle from earily in the human covenant war, the banished have modified it heavily replacing its side mounted stasis beams with point defense plasma beams and upgrading its heavy needler with long range artillery use (air to ground at a range.) This vehicle has two crew a driver who controls flight and a defensive plasma cannon, and a gunner who controls the heavily needler.

Gameplay role: air to air combat and anti armor, its heavy needler able to lock onto any vehicle though having stronger tracking when aimed at aircraft, the needles can 2 shot a spartan but as they don’t track smaller targets hitting a spartan twice with it is hard.

Transport aircraft

These are lightly armed aircraft that have a lot of armor, unlike the pelican and phantom they hold a small crew of one driver and 3-4 passengers their weapons depend on faction with the UNSC having the most heavily armed transport while the Banished have the most heavily armored… note the banished air transport can do ram damage to other aircraft.


info: a classic UNSC logistics vehicle that is mostly used by troopers and logistics teams. In modern times it has lost favor with the Hornet taking its place. Leave it ot the spartans to bring it back as a hot insertion vehicle as its open sides and mounted guns allow a full fire team of spartans to drop in at a moments notice.

Gameplay: has 3 MG’s one controlled by the driver and 2 by the passangers, can hold 3 spartans in the back and has the razorbacks ability to carry power weapons with side racks(can hold 2 power weapons but can’t hold objective items.)


info a Repurposed covenant logistics vehicle the Breacher has been up armored and equipped with freaking shredders to the front. able to hold a driver and 4 spartans this thing is armored like mad, fully protecting its passengers unlike the Falcon the down side is the fact it only has a single chin mounted light plasma repeater as a weapon.

Gameplay: heavy protection and design for splattering things in the sky has an advantage of being the only vehicle you can’t hijack do to the spinning blades of doom protecting its pilot, though if you blow those off you can hijack it.


Like desert highway I think that’s what it’s called in reach a long road with those reach civilian cars with a ghost warthog and mongooses and two flacons to fly to the enemy base just look it up on MCC custom games on reach or halo 3.

YEah but reach isn’t infinite. Reach had some killer Air combat focus maps, and still does in MCC.

yeh we need more open maps for BTB.

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Yeah lets hope with time we get them, right now the BTB maps really don’t play well with vehicles. to closed off to easy to ambush.

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yeh it feels too much like were in a bowl, rather than in a vast location, 4 had this problem to a point, but not to this extent if memory serves correctly.

Sorry sorry was just comparing what you were talking about to a game mode like you want in infinite to an already existing one.