we need a better strafe

One problem with Reach right now is the strafe. The strafe’s acceleration is very poor, basically it takes to long to actually turn to the other side when you are strafing.

This is a huge problem in h3 and Reach, not as much in H2 but it was still a decent strafe. But Halo CE’s strafe was the best, the strafe was very crisp and the movement in general in the game was very crisp.

Watch this video for a better explanation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYAPmV7GcrU

You can tell the difference especially with Halo 1 and Halo 3. In CE it was very quick, but in H3 it felt sloppy.

Just imagine, Reach with a strafe that was like Halo 1’s. People would definitely not get 5 shot kills no where near as often if the strafe is this good in a Halo game.

This is one of the big reasons why Halo CE did not have players getting 3sk every time, because things like the strafe were very big in the game and it needs to return in Halo 4.

You’re absolutely right.

We need moving acceleration to be thrown away.

Seriously, every Halo that comes out, is worse than the last one, it’s sounds impossible that there will be a Halo worse than Reach, but it’s possible.

It’s in the little details which makes a game good, like in the fact that Reach has the most boring/noobish base moving base traits ever…

It annoys me what Bungie did with Reach.

Instead of adding a good strafing mechanics and little spread in the precision weapon, they added random bloom and trurtle moving speed. The bloom to slow and randomize kills, wow.

Halo 4s base traits should go back to how they were in Halo CE/2, that including no speed/aim acceleration.

the bloom of the gun O…o…O opening up from shots is the recoil, vibration, re-cep motion, the gun isn’t standard if it can kill a spartan, its an effective system of showing paterns and timing for it to be shot, with accuaracy, the lighting in reach was hard on the eyes.

the banshee has bad dewl, hover and turning effectiveness in reach, I thought. But your in a banshee… I mean…

We need better players.

^ Can you explain what you are saying? I don’t really get it.