We Need 25m Radar

18 meters is simply not enough, and the first game to adapt that as far as I know was Halo 5. We all know how that game was received by fans. There’s no reason I should be seeing no one on my radar and then all of a sudden 4 guys are right on top of me. Previous Halo’s have always used 25 meters as a standard and yet some -Yoink!- at 343 decided this needed to be changed. The visibility of the radar also needs an adjustment. We should be able to increase the size of the radar from small, to medium, and large. This would allow peripheral vision to better be utilized instead of constantly staring at it. And for the love of god, quit with the “MLG” no radar playlists. Literally no one wants to play that except jaded cod fans.

apparently halo 5 had an 18 meter radar too but not a lot of people complained about it so they kept it for infinite.

now oldschool halo players are rightfully complaining about the radar range, while halo 5 players are complaining about the game’s lack of thrusters and spartan abilities. its pretty funny.