We seriously need to speak to 343i about the AMAZING ideas for Halo 5: Guardians. Playing as elites in multiplayer, playing as the Arbiter in the campaign like Halo 2, Forerunner vehicles, return of the Flood, Spartan Ops season 2, new weapons, BRINGING BACK DUEL WEILDING? The list of great ideas from the awesome Halo Community (Including myself) goes on and on. The only problem is that 343 Industries does not know of these glorious ideas for Halo 5 and They MUST KNOW. IF ANYONE ELSE AGREES… please reply down below.

With all due respect… we only know so little about H5 - all of that and more might be in the game… it’s not your job to produce the game

Halo 5 is still months away bro. All we can do is wait for both E3 and Halofest and hope for the best and hope 343 takes more community ideas

Half the stuff you mentioned has already been addressed. We’ve got new guns, the Phaeton might be in H5, the Flood will definitely be back eventually, and dual wielding will not be coming back, for H5 at least.

Well sorry I was just coming up with ideas to bring Halo back to its golden years.

This thread and OP seems like they’re being sarcastic but I’m not sure…

OP, are you being serious or are you making a mocking parody of certain parts of the Halo community’s need for Halo 2?