We JUST got through with this slow look sensitivity business in Destiny 2, there's NO WAY I'm going back to that just for Infinite

Just a couple months ago Destiny 2 got an update that doubled the controller sensitivity from 10 to 20. Before, it was 1 to 10, now it’s 1 to 20. So you can pick 15 sensitivity, or 12, and before you could only pick up to 10. We asked for that change for YEARS, then Bungie finally did recently and freaking Halo Infinite has the SAME OLD SLOW 1 to 10 sensitivity Destiny 2 used to have. And if I’m to play Infinite, I have to go backwards to that slow sensitivity? This sucks a big one. Why would the Infinite game devs arbitrary set the look sensitivity max to some slow value represented by 10? That’s awful! What PvP shooter you ever heard of today that doesn’t have faster sensitivity?

Destiny 2 patch notes for 8/12/2021

“Players (including us) have also long felt that maximum 10 sensitivity wasn’t enough on controller, so we’re making some changes to bring controller input closer to parity with keyboard and mouse.”

  • Added a sprint turn speed scalar option (allowed values 0.3 to 0.8).
    • Removed the Traction mod.
  • Added additional controller sensitivity options (1-10 sensitivity is the same as before, 11-20 increases over that).
  • Added an ADS sensitivity modifier (allowed values 0.5 to 1.5).
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they also added double bind for actions after they split the melee functions, as well as my super (lb rb) i have my finisher on and double bind, however u cant set deadzones in D2

Completely agree, let me turn my sensitivity up to 20 to compete with PC users, or let me turn off crossplay.