We haven't seen ODST's since Reach

Playing halo infinite I was hoping we would be able to run into some ODST’s but sadly this is the third FPS halo game in a row where we are unable to see any. I get that Spartan IV’s have pretty much dominated over the ODST’s in lore as many of them used to be ODST’s themselves including Alpha 9 but they’re not completely disbanded are they? Surely there’s a few of them left or have I missed something in the lore side of things lately?

And could ODST’s be added in later DLC’s

Majority of ODST’s Joined the Spartan-IV project. The rest are still in service but they aren’t on the same front. A lot of what they are doing now is in the books.

You can see a number of drop pods scattered throughout the ring, they possibly could have had some ODSTs in them. Some audio logs and text talks about them a little bit. Audio logs are used for most of the story telling during Infinite.

The last time we saw ODSTs was in Halo Wars 2 and they were fighting the Banished.

What sucks is that in the Campaign ODSTs we’re mention when taking down a HVT but we never seen throughout Zeta Halo

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I assumed the ODST program was absorbed by the Spartan program to eliminate redundancy. Based only on the fact that Spartans can now be ethically produced with a cheaper budget, and ODST armor manufacturers have been producing for MJOLNIR cores.

I don’t read extended lore anymore, so this was just my own UPG.

ODSTs are Elite Infantry units in Halo Wars 2. They are still an active unit in the UNSC even up to the launch of Infinite. They are so effective, a good portion of them usually end up becoming Spartans.

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