We got a new king!

What gametype is this? Where you hear the voice say: WE GOT A NEW KING!!!
Just sound’s so boss

Anyone has gameplay of this gametype?

Its a form of Juggernaught.

This is the new Halo 4 gamemode Regicide.

Regicide, I think.

The game mode is regicide.

> Regicide – 6-player FFA
> The Spartan in first place is the King. As the King racks up kills, their bounty increases, thereby increasing the points other Spartans gain from killing the King. All other Spartans’ heads-up displays and motion sensors give away the King’s location at all times during the match, aggressively focusing combat wherever the point leader happens to be.

Straight from the bulletin.

It is regicide.

Regicide I believe.

Regicide my dear Watson.

It’s regicide. Played a bit at BGS 2012. Can’t wait for my copy.