We get 6 new Forge Worlds....

We get 6 new forge worlds, and CEA was leaked just a little.


And when I say 6 new Forge Worlds, I mean all the Reach maps in CEA, will have all the parts from Forge World.

None of this is leaked and some of it is just speculation.

Some of this is leaked which I think is against the rules.

And for that YouTube channel, that user claims so much old concept is leaked footage. And it is leaked ,from what I can see it looks like Magazine Scans which If im correct is a bannable offense.

But thanks for the vid op. Very interesing :slight_smile: good find

And im not being mean! I just dont want someone to get banned cause I got banned for making a thread on Bnet about leaked images and didnt even link them. I just asked for peoples opinions and I got a 2 week ban

Just because we’re getting a few forge pieces doesn’t make these ‘new forge worlds’. Cold Storage, Citadel, Ghost Town, and Longshore all had a few wall and door pieces for us to play with, those weren’t forge worlds. Hell Tempest isn’t even a forge world, since you can’t really go outside the mid-sized play area.

I think saying “6 new forgeworlds” is an overexageration.

Yeah, I posted a youtube comment, please support my comment by commenting on my comment.
People like him annoy me.

> I think saying “6 new forgeworlds” is an overexageration.

I agree. I don’t really see the point of the video, it’s just reiterating stuff we already know with some speculation sprinkled on top.

There was a topic like that on B.net already, and here’s what I said there:

Just because you can Forge around on a map doesn’t make it a Forge World. Otherwise ALL maps would be Forge World because you can place at least some pieces on each and every one of them.

What makes a map a true Forge World are three basic characteristics:

  1. The map is so large and offers so many diferent locations that you can easily create your own full-fledged map almost everywhere you want.

  2. You can use each and every object available.

  3. You don’t have pre-placed architecture (bases, bridges, whatever) that you can’t remove.

If a map has all three characteristics, it’s a Forge World. Otherwise it isn’t.

This forge world thing is simply speculation, however, something that was said on the vid did get me thinking a little, when he talked about Beaver Creek having blocked off caves, I began to wonder if that and timberland would be in the same map, like how forge world harbours multiple maps, that can all be conected.
Thats just a few cents from my pocket anyway. At least one of the maps will have a large pallet contribution, that goes without saying, it’d just be moronic for them not to give at least one of them a full pallet.

If you look at screenshots from the new Battle/Beaver Creek map, you instantly notice that the bases there can’t possibly be created by pieces currently available in Forge. Since I very much doubt that we’re getting new Forge pieces in the TU or via HCEA (although I’d cry tears of joy if I was wrong about that), this means that the bases are fixed structures, i.e. they’re there and you can’t remove them. And this in turn means that it’s not an actual Forge World map.

As for the caves on Battle/Beaver Creek, I don’t think they’re going to add much of value. But it still stands to be seen how big these caves actually are. If they’re basically just small tunnels, they’re nice to have but don’t add much to the map. But if they’re large enough so you can maybe even build additional bases (think Multi Team) or at least big enough to provide more locations to do more than just run through them, I’m going to be very thrilled.

> …when he talked about Beaver Creek having blocked off caves…

This by itself has me very intrigued. I know they said something about Man-Cannons as well for Beaver creek.I wonder if each map has been changed (I know the classic version will remain the same). I can’t wait for more intel on the new maps. :smiley:

Magazine scans make me sad face.