We can't have it all folks... Right?

I’m sure that we’ve all seen posts that are more or less this:
“Just put everything in the game.”. It would seem like a perfect world if this could happen, but would it be really? Why do we want it all? What are the potential issues with having it all?

First and Foremost, people who know a thing or too about the overall Halo matchmaking experience know that the sandbox would be very overcrowded by similar or pointless weapons/vehicles that may have already been replaced. This is the part where people would go: We don’t need all of this in matchmaking. We just need it in the game.

That seems ideal right? Keep all the stuff in forge/Customs. Perfect. I suddenly don’t think so. Which is why I’m making this thread to begin with.

Remember the flame bombs in Halo 3? A cool thing in custom games, but they never saw much light in online play. This was probably a decision made for balancing issues. Or maybe Bungie didn’t want our screen overcrowded with 4 possible grenade types. Regardless, I know that there were people, much like some of my friends, who thought that it would be cool to use them in matchmaking. They thought that because the item was in the game, it should be in all parts of the game. My point is that even though people know why some equipment is left out of certain places, they still want it.

The same thing applies to many elements in Campaign. Many people saw the drivable Pelican in Campaign and said that they wanted it in matchmaking. Not because it was practical, but simply because it was in one part of the game and not the other. Same thing applies to the carrier warthog that we all wanted in Halo 3.

Getting to my point. If 343 throws in a bunch of older items from past games, then they would probably be left to customs, much to many people’s dismay. I think that it would probably best to just let 343 focus their resources into putting things into the game that can function in all parts of it. Right?

I know that this was some semi-pointless rambling, but I’d like to here some thoughts.

If something is in the campaign but would no way work in Matchmaking (Pelicans, Grizzlys etc), put it into Forge/Custom Games. Im sure the Forge community would be very happy.

I’m of the opinion that every object used in the game should be included in Custom Games and Forge (or hopefully an actual map editor). Within reason, of course. No starships or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re called “custom games” for a reason. We’ve seen in Reach and Halo 4 that limiting our options drastically reduces the quality of the experience.

Return of the Elephant and bring on the Mammoth in matchmaking!