We believed in you 343

Dear 343, Halo infinite’s core is pretty dang good, but why is nearly everything for sale in the credit store, why is there no way to earn back credits like there is in every other game, and why couldn’t you just be forthcoming, I remember in a vidoc that someone said that nearly everything is obtainable through gameplay… then like 80% of everything turns out to be up for sale… most seem to be priced around $10-$20. I believed in this game, my friend died hoping this was going to be a return to form before he had the chance to play it… everything delayed aside from campaign, I’m trying to hold out hope… but my and an overwhelming majority of the community’s patience is wearing thin.

Please, just let all of this be a huge prank… y’all sounded so sincere and it made us hyped and hopeful, more than we have been in years… I just want Halo back, it’s beyond capable of standing on it’s own without these egregious tactics.


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Seems like Activision has got their hands in 343 now. Whoever is running this program whould be burned at the stake. HORRIBLE. Everyone is saying its a BETA, true it is its a BETA that is aa year and a half outta rotation when theFULL game was promised to be a release title. That shows 343’s true colors.


beautiful game soured by horrendous monetization system

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I really did believe all those half-truths and deceptions they laid out in the pre-game marketing, and I was actually excited, I thought with the game being free to play there was going to be some nonsense that I would probably hate, but as time went some of those fears were alleviated with what appeared to be a focus on player-first monetization and not weaponizing FOMO against players.

My trust was not rewarded, to say the least.

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