We are the Spartan Company you're looking for.

Team Conflict

About us:
Team Conflict is for competitive-minded players looking to rank up and play with a consistent group of players. Of course all skill levels are welcome, but currently we think players falling into gold-platinum CSR would find the best arena experience. More skilled players are welcome to come and help us improve of course, and less skilled players are welcome to come and learn.

None, really.

  • 18+ is preferred. - Having a mic and communicating is essential when playing ranked playlists. - Be moderately active. There is no time limit you’re required to play, but Halo 5 has sold millions of copies. Why am I going to let you hold a spot that someone who’s active could take?Preferred Game Type:
    Team Conflict was founded by SWAT players looking for other consistent SWAT players. We play everything, Halo 5 is fun. Ranked playlists however are our main focus.

***We’re not turning anyone away as we are a brand new company, help us grow! If you’re not ready to join, add our gamertags and come play with us, we might change your mind!