We are recruiting

I am the secondary leader of the Covenant CQB trooper squadron, we are few and… relatively new, but that is why I came here, to find true blooded sangheili who wish to join our cause, I will not allow players siding with the humans, anyone joining us must have sangheili as their pathmakers. Note: Helioskrill armor is also a requirment! Even if you are close to unlocking Helioskrill, you cannot join us unless you have it! Must be 16+ mic not required but it would be helpful for us all. If you would like to join contact me on this matter because it seems I’m the only one actively recruiting. We are achievment hunters and as of now I am seeking to reach the highest rank (s) In My commendations, as me doing this will benefit for all of you. Let me make a point VERY clear, as I said before we only support Sangheili players! I hope to see you there with us.