We are Onyx. The Official Spartan Company.

(A copy and paste of our Spartan Company bio.)

Welcome Spartan, to Onyx! The official Spartan Company implemented among the earliest of all!

We as Onyx, composed of elite Spartans, tackle the most difficult of challenges in a collaborated effort to succeed among the rest!
Between rising the ranks to achieving various commendations, Onyx brings the best of its power to dominate our opponents.

You, Spartan, are eligible for enlistment.
Onyx enforces only TWO active rules:

1: During your time in Onyx, you MUST be active in Arena and Warzone Wargames. Spartans officially declared M.I.A. will be discharged to vacate the roster. It is also collectively appreciated by Onyx that you work towards completing various company commendations.

2: Upon your recruitment, you will IMMEDIATELY be promoted to lieutenant. It is recommended that as lieutenant you must recruit active Spartans WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

Onyx operates on a first enlist; first recruit basis and does not condone any special favors/requests.

Thank you, Spartan, for enlisting.
We are proud to serve with YOU on the battlefield.


Company link: Onyx