we are on our way to get achilles armor and helmet

This company was made in an effort to unlock the Achilles armor set and gather skilled players. Our name is a reference to what is arguably the most time-consuming series of commendations necessary to unlock Achilles. We have several loose requirements in order to join, please keep in mind we are looking to the recruit the most active players to maximize our potential progress. Also, please take the time to personalize your request to join just a little bit; default requests are very boring and will be rejected as a matter of course. Make yourself sound like a real person!

  • RULES: - Players must be active - Players must help progress towards the kill commendations for the spartan company - Players must add all of the leads to their friends list - Players must also join “FellanSpartan” Xbox Club - Players must also remember to check HaloWaypoint every time they log in to check for messages to the company - Players must also check HaloWaypoint in order to keep track of our progression toward each kill commendation - We understand people can’t play 24/7 (please post to the company forums to let us know if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time) so exceptions can be made. - Small progress is better than no progress, so help us out. - HAVE FUN!