We are not Master Chief after Halo 3

The fact that we can’t duel wield is making us only fight half strength in campaign and multiplayer, we are a genetically enhanced human being who can lift more then a body builder, we should be able to hold 2 guns to shoot, I say this because as I’m playing infinite I feel like I’m not the legendary Master Chief that the Banished aspire to beat, even the annoying grunt on the propaganda towers mentions Master Chiefs previous experiences that keeps reminding me how we are not like what we use to be, it’s sad because we are playing on next gen consoles in this new generation with amazing cinematics yet we can’t duel wield? It’s not right

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I agree duel wielding should return for certain weapons like the SMG, balanced by lower accuracy and not being able to immediately scope/melee/grenade/use equipment. At least have it as an option in customs.


Only two of the first three games had dual-wielding, and it was taken out to encourage more variety in gameplay. I think it was a good choice.

A great soldier can use a variety of tools to always change up how he approaches enemies, so they don’t know what he’s going to do. If he’s dual-wielding, he’s pretty much limited to strafing and shooting. That’s significantly less dynamic.


An enhanced super soldier should be able to control recoil on guns too. Yet every Gun recoil in Halo 3 has some harsh recoil especially the SMG.

See what I mean? the point here is that its all for gameplay balance. Dont relate gameplay as your POV for lore.


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Ok…you Halo 4-5 lover at least you got recoil right but your still wrong :roll_eyes::expressionless:

You cant even sprint on Halo 3. Unless youre saying an emhanced super soldier doesnt run?


According to that logic, we are not Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved either.

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Using people’s enjoyment of games you didn’t like as a slur isn’t constructive. Doubly so when you don’t address what was said.

All of the Halo games have strong merits, and minor flaws… like every successful game. But what Halo’s developers do well is they listen to the feedback from the fans regarding what changes they’ve made that they should keep, and which ones they should throw out. If they didn’t go with exactly what you wanted, that means what you wanted wasn’t the majority request, even if you have a social bubble that makes it seem like everyone agrees with you.

The Halo games are first and foremost, games, so they are designed to be fun to play. And since we’re all normal humans who don’t have bullet-time reflexes, to accurately control how quick and precise a super-soldier like the Chief is. That’s why every game explores tweaks to the mechanics to better represent Chief’s abilities.

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It’s pronounced enhanced and no we still run faster then the average marines Halo 2 remember? :roll_eyes:

Logic dictates we were because later we duel wield then we don’t anymore :roll_eyes:

So they took away a feature that made the game great? :roll_eyes:

You can’t dual wield in Halo: Combat Evolved though. Unless you’re suggesting that the Master Chief suddenly developed the ability to between the games despite many engagements beforehand.

Yes because he got a new suit :sunglasses:

We move faster thsn the average marines in Halo Odst too? Its just gameplay design, nothing else.

Yeah no crap, none kf the games we are master chief from lore.

Uh that Still counts :roll_eyes:

Dual wielding was a neat gimmick, but ultimately I don’t think it really did much. Back in Halo 2 or Halo 3, I can’t remember a time where I felt it was absolutely essential. Same goes for multiplayer. Wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it return or refined, but I don’t think it’s a necessity by any means.

So you don’t miss duel needler?! The reason they got rid of it cuz it was op image using it now lol

Not particularly. One needler was sufficient in Reach, 4, and 5. Again, even that example wasn’t one I turned too a lot. Why do that when a plasma pistol/BR works far better?