WE ARE EMP - Looking for Members!

Looking for anyone who wants to join a not-so-serious clan for casual, frequent, or just social gaming on Halo 5 and MCC, whether its co-op, Arena or Warzone.
I want EMP to be a no stress, drama free group that avoids strict rules (other than to at least be civil and sociable) and the typical BS that goes along with these sorts of things. Pretty much I’ll be setting up a bunch of different custom games, Co-Ops, easter egg/achievement hunts, matches with other Spartan Companies etc. on an individual basis every week or so that anybody can tag along to if they’re interested. Everyone else who joins is encouraged to do the same. So in the end I’m hoping to make this a pretty open-source led group that’s just out there to actually play the game and have fun with it. Don’t hesitate to join if that sounds like you!

Doesn’t matter if you suck, are awesome, or just in between; we’re all in it for the free REQ packs anyway… I mean online camaraderie. Right, that.